ERIC MAURUS grew up in the Basque part of France and settled in the village of Guethary in the early 90’s. At a young age, Eric was consumed by drawing and taking things apart. When surfing entered his life at age 10, naturally it became his subject of predilection.After graduating from the exclusive Academy Julian in Paris, Eric returned to the south of France to open his gallery dedicated to surfing art. Eric's devouring passion for art and the ocean led him to explore painting, drawing, sculpting, and building solid redwood hot curls.

The Queen of Sunset Beach
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The Queen of Sunset Beach
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Traveling to Hawaii was a revelation. Finally he stood where it all had happened. This first trip to the islands stayed engraved in his mind for the rest of his life. Stopping in California on his return trip back to France, Eric ended up under the wings of master surfboard shaper Donald Takayama. Eric was mentored from the best in the trade and realized his childhood dream.

Eric’s love for the surfing culture and history, his passion for riding antique equipment, clashed with the explosion of mass surf school crowds at his home break of Parlementia. Seeking retreat, he decided to exile himself far from the chaos of the beach, and instead focus purely on his painting techniques.

"To me it is essential to master the technique to free yourself from it, hence freedom to create spontaneously,” says Eric.

10 years passed quickly for Eric as he explored the subtle nuances of oil painting, the difficulty of the encaustic technique, and the purity of the line drawing.  Returning to Hawaii in 2013 for a short holiday, Eric fell back in love with surfing. Today, he divides his time between Guethary and Honolulu, shaping, sculpting and painting.