Iki Yasuo

is an artist inspired by his surfing environment and the natural world around him.  Iki wouldn’t write down what he wants to tell you in a word, but instead he starts to draw a picture as his way of expression. He is inspired by earth’s nature and projects it all through his paintbrush.
Passionate about natures shapes and textures, his modern graffiti and detailed style reflects his deep creative connection to making art and the ocean world.  Iki takes a pen to any surface and has created works on cloth, wood, surfboards, and wetsuits. 
Recently in Byron Bay as a guest artist for the Byron Bay Surf Festival, Iki fell in love with the shores and create an artworks inspired by Byron Bay. 

 近年、Byron Bay Surf Festivalにゲストアーティストとして訪れたこのビーチでIkiは自身のライフスタイルに必要なアイテム(surf, art, culture)が揃っている美しい町、Byron Bayにすっかり魅了されインスパイアされた物を創作しています。