is an illustrator and surface designer from St. Petersburg, Russia, recently living on Bali. She has always been into art and design, did Graphic Design degree and hasn’t really stopped drawing since. Taisiya is traveling last 7 years around the world, staying for a long in different countries, go close with local people, learn their culture, living local life. Changing of the decorations, cultural backgrounds and being close to the nature, that is keeping her eyes always open. And of course surfing is the main source of her inspiration.


“Surfing is an incredible thing, keeping you in the present moment, it gives you an opportunity to know yourself better, how we are all connected with nature and each other.”

As for me i feel like my female side is revealed when i am in water, in moment when i should be fast, brave and concentrate, acting more like a men i do all this things but in my own very feminine way. The great thing about women in surfing is we are not trying to be the best surfer on line-up or catch more waves than others, we just playing in our playground, just having fun.

There is something breathtaking about that for me, so i just keep drawing. Women dancing in water - what can be more beautiful than that!

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